Spencer Robson & Abraham Asto                                    in  Commercials for Hamilton

Spencer Robson & Abraham Asto                                    in Commercials for Hamilton


The Cabaret Company is is a bi-city company. That is, we operate in both Toronto and Hamilton (through ‘Hammertheatre’). Toronto has a both a strong mainstream gay constituency and a strong alternative queer community, whereas Hamilton is a small Ontario city that has neither a large and established gay and lesbian community, nor a flourishing alternative queer community. This bi-city approach is very important in view of the twin prongs of our efforts to be actively critical of our community as a whole. 


In Toronto, there is a long and well-established mainstream gay and lesbian community and an alternative queer community. Both groups reject identity politics, but for different reasons. Our role here is to challenge both groups on their rejection of these ideas.


Because there is very little public history of a gay community in Hamilton, we are creating our own gay history, by remembering Hamilton gay icons as well as creating fictional Hamilton queer characters. Here, we are also able to discuss the issues that are unique to Hamilton, through characters that are from Hamilton.