Aisha Sasha John and Julia Thomas for GenderPlay 2015/16:  We are Hanging out Right Now

Aisha Sasha John and Julia Thomas for GenderPlay 2015/16: We are Hanging out Right Now

Genderplay is a second opportunity for young creator/performers (usually those with more experience than those in Kitchen Party). It is the second step on the ladder for those whose work we develop. A group or small company is given a spot in the Buddies Pride month performance schedule -- usually a Saturday afternoon. The artists are allowed to explore anything that relates to gender and theatre, as long as it results in a one time only performance. One of the signature performances in Genderplay 2012 was the first reading of Nick Green’s play Body Politic -- which later went on to have a theatrical run at Buddies.

GenderPlay 2016/17

GenderPlay 2016/17 will be a reading of Everyday She Rose written and performed by Nick Green and Andrea Scott. This play takes a look at a friendship between a black straight woman and a white gay man, examining two young people who are brought together by a shared experience of social exclusion, but then torn apart by their different experiences of the world, access to privilege, and acts of oppression. This work by two exciting Toronto playwrights promises to take a serious and comedic look at appropriation, the evolution of minority politics, and friendship. 

GenderPlay 2016/17 will take place in the Buddies and Bad Times' Cabaret on       Sunday, June 18, at 2pm. First come first serve. Click here for more info.