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Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto May 3-14, 2017

Kurt and Travis are a perfect gay couple – a young prince charming and a charming silver fox – whose marriage is threatened by the appearance of a sexy street boy named Gideon. Did Gideon have condomless sex with Travis? Did Travis give him permission? And did Travis take his PrEP?

As audiences swoon over angel-faced drag queens dying in RENT, the real story of HIV and AIDS has moved forward for in a very different way. The once a day PrEP pill (Truvada) has turned AIDS into a manageable illness and makes it possible for gay men to have condomless sex without risk of infection. Paradoxically, the criminalization of AIDS has delivered the reality of jail time into the lives of some gay men. In the tradition of Gilbert’s hit show I Have AIDS!, this provocative new work takes on these contemporary issues in a darkly entertaining story steeped in sex, love, jealousy, and pharmaceuticals.



Artword Artbar, Hamilton November 17-27, 2016

Hammertheatre is pleased to announce the premiere of Sky Gilberts new play Princess, staring Anna Chatterton and Ralph Small. Playing at the Artword Artbar November 17-27. Thurday- Saturday 8:00pm and Sunday matinee at 2:00pm. This one act play examines the façade of princess culture in todays society through the eyes of a very complicated young woman.

Mary Beth meets her father in a little cafe. We learn that she has cancer, and that her father neglected her is a child. But is that all the truth? Or are there other truths? As the confrontation grows deeper we learn some troubling things about the young woman, and we also learn that things are not quite what they seem. Mary Beth is an extreme young woman, but maybe her obsessions are not that different from someone you know. Not every little girl can be a princess, and not every little girl can be perfectly happy.

 Can you come to terms with that? With life?

"Gilbert...allow[s] the story to speak quite eloquently                                                                                          about a world troubled by plastic values and screwed-up                                                                                 gender images. Go see it." - Hamilton Spectator